Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Disney Mania

dfdddsfdafWith another quarter under Derek's belt {phew!}, and one step closer to becoming a 3rd year & starting clinicals {hip-hip-hooray}, we took advantage of a couple days in relaxation. With our recent Christmas present of Dinseyland Passes, we spent a fun day in both parks. A couple highlights were:
  • Having both parks virtually to ourselves {longest wait time 20 minutes- yes please!}
  • A perfect day of sunshine and light breezes followed up by a chilly night warm/cozy in sweatshirts and sippin' hot chocolate.
  • Having the kids who rode Space Mountain with us die of laughter/make fun of Derek's face when they saw the picture. I know it's up on Facebook somewhere getting many, many comments.
  • Meeting up with both Sandy & Tegyn for an afternoon of laughs, crazy pictures, and chatting/screaming Derek's ear off {he was a good sport.}
  • Riding the Ferris wheel at CA Adventure and dying of laughter as we swung like crazy and thinking we were going to plummet into the lagoon. {Trust me, it's seriously freaky!}
It was a great day spent at the "happiest place on earth..." We can't wait to go back in May right before the summer rush. Derek claims that I am a "Disney Master," which is true. Having a pass since you're 7-years-old, going at least twice a month for FHE, leaves me quite the secret hoarder. So, if you want a fun, easy, and best way to hit BOTH parks, join us on our adventure next time!

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