Monday, October 11, 2010

Fallin' for Fall

(Right Photograph: Baby pumpkins, wooden blocks, frame and fall foliage wedding picture. Left Photograph: Acorn accented bowl of red & delicious apples)
(Right Photograph: Rod Iron wall accent and set of three tree photographs. Left Photograph: Fall porcelain pumpkins, Anthropologie candle & S monogram.)
Welcome to the wonderful season of Fall at the Smith home.
Fall is my favorite season because of the colors.
They are perfect for the style and decor of our home.
Warm browns, deep greens, squashed yellows and oranges.
Peak: Columbus Day holiday & no school!
Pit: A case of the Monday sleepies & not wanting to cook dinner.


  1. So cute Becca! :) Love the arrangements, and that rod iron thing is so cool! Where did you find it? We have a store here called Rod Works and they sell tons of neat stuff like that. Wish I could come see your cute apartment in person!

  2. The rod thing is from one of my new favorite stores Hobby Lobby- or Hob Lob in my book. AMAZING sales EVERYDAY. That was 50% off!