Saturday, September 18, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We decided it was time to share our apartment with all of you! We were so, so, SO blessed to receive such loving and wonderful gifts from our wedding. We were extra blessed to have wonderful family to give us old furniture!

Well, after an exhausting, exciting, and busy day, this bed is calling, wait, SCREAMING my name.
First, a few thank yous.
1. Thank you Westin hotels for inspiring me to have a big, clean, white, fresh bed to sleep in every night.
2. Thank you Trina & Tanette for driving ALL the way here with our furniture and then having to drive ALL the way home.
3. Thank you pumpkin spice candle for making our apartment smell like Fall.
4. Thank you for the end of this day.


  1. becca i love it! You look so happy...

  2. LOVE your apartment! It's so well put together! You have some really great pieces of furnature too! Mine isn't even finished yet haha. I am still working on making curtains and pillows.

  3. and by furnature I mean furniture :)

  4. I LOVE it! So fresh and so cute!
    Miss you! Tell Derek HI!!! <3