Wednesday, July 5, 2017


We had a great day celebrating Independence Day! We kicked off the festivities a week before with all our friends for a BBQ and community firework show on the golf course! We all loaded up on bug spray, glow sticks and went out onto the course for the show. It was so fun, even though Grant fell asleep minutes before the first firework went off. On the day of, we went to the neighborhood pool with friends to cool off and swim. Grant loves the water and is a natural born swimmer. He kicks, moves his arms, puts his face in the water - he LOVES it. That evening, we went to a BBQ at a friends home, who backs up onto the levy. We basically had a private firework show with a 360 degree view of fireworks going off all around us! Again, Grant fell asleep as soon as the sun went down, but still had the best time being passed around and snuggled by everyone. We love this holiday and all the blessings we have by living in the USA! 

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