Monday, May 15, 2017


Although Derek was on-call for my first Mother's Day, he pulled out all the stops in order to celebrate me and made me feel so loved and special. He claimed that he & Grant figured out the plan, and he executed. HA! I was served a yummy breakfast in bed of cake donuts (per my request!), yogurt, granola & berries for a parfait, and a yummy Sunrise punch, hand mixed by Grant! It was all so yummy and fun to eat with my boys in bed before church. I also received a beautiful necklace with Grant's name stamped into it. I will cherish it forever! After church, we ate dinner and then hung around for the night. Of course we each called our Mother's, and wished them well. After many years of hoping and praying to become a Mother, I now know it was worth the wait. Grant was and will always be the perfect gift after the years.

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