Monday, May 22, 2017


For Derek's birthday weekend, we decided to use a generous gift and stay in Sausalito, the quaint historic town on the north side of the Golden Gate in San Francisco. We were able to stay at Cavallo Point, a beautiful resort that was formerly military housing and barracks during WWI, and WWII. We had a beautiful view of the bridge on Friday, before the fog rolled in Saturday. We dined at the resort restaurant, walked to the water, spent time in the luxurious spa, and just enjoyed doing nothing for about 24 hours. Grant was a joy to bring along, and received a lot of fun attention from fellow guests. He smiled, cooed, and loved being outside on the balcony, on walks, and eating on the porch of the restaurant with a beautiful view and cool breeze. It was a wonderful time as a family, and we can't wait to go back and enjoy more of what the beautiful city has to offer.

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