Sunday, March 19, 2017


 Milestones at Three Months: 

- Traveled on his first airplane to Idaho for his Aunt Whitney's wedding. 
- Took his first road trip to San Diego to visit G&G and for Derek's medical conference. 
- Enjoyed his first beach trip & dip in the pool. He LOVES water! He will be a major water baby this summer! 
- Loves his hands! He can open and grasp things now. 
- Enjoys playing with toys by sucking on them. His keys & music maker are his favorites! 
- All clothes 0-3 are packed away and still solid in 3 month clothes, with 3-6 options and a few 6 month outfits as well. 
- Master of the "blow out" and has managed to get 3 in a day! 
- Loves to be outside; in his stroller, carrier, pool or just sitting. It is his happy place! 
- Growing hair everyday and staying long & lean!

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