Sunday, February 19, 2017


Milestones at Two Months:

-Had a bad case of subhorrea (cradle cap), but has been controlled and cured by using Selsun Blue - per advice of Dr. Lee 
- He has found his voice! He loves to smile and coo. 
- Had his first good laugh around 6.5 weeks old. 
- Enjoys laying on his play mat & looking/following his toys.
- He can stand up and is very strong! He always gets comments on how well he can hold up his head and his strength. 
- Attended "Disney on Ice" and loved the music and theatrics, especially Lightening McQueen! 
- Has been wearing 3 Month clothes since he was about 5.5 weeks old. 
- Received 3 shots & 1 oral immunization at his 3 month check up. 
- Weighs & Measures: 

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