Monday, November 28, 2016


Like last year, Derek and I spent Thanksgiving as just the two of us, which was surreal as it's our last holiday to celebrate before baby comes! Derek was on-call (hence the scrubs in the photos!) meaning he was on the beckon call of his pager for the entire week. As well as struggling with a minor cold, he was very busy, but able to eat plenty of yummy food on Thanksgiving day. I spent the week in preparation as always, with my notes and recipes in hand while shopping on Monday, pie prep on Tuesday, and sweet potato and stuffing making on Wednesday, leaving Thursday very stress free while cooking the turkey and other finishing touches. It was a wonderful day, and we enjoyed yummy pie with homemade whipped cream for dessert hours later. Not only did we eat well on the day of, but for countless days after with copious amounts of leftovers! We had a wonderful day, and are so thankful for our first Thanksgiving in our new home!
(My 37.5 bump!)

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