Monday, February 15, 2016


I have always, always, ALWAYS, loved Valentine's Day. There is something about pink glittery hearts that just make my heart pitter-patter! Besides decorating my home, I enjoy cooking a yummy and fancier dinner each year for Derek and I. This year, I wanted to incorporate salmon, because it's pink (duh!), and something we love, but don't eat quite enough. I oven roasted this salmon and served with grilled asparagus & crispy fingerling potatoes, for a yummy and light dinner. We kept the meal fairly light and simple, as to not interfere with our dark and rich dessert of Sees candy, and fresh berries with whipped cream. We enjoyed a wonderful Sunday together, and although Derek's pager was the third wheel (he was on-call all weekend), it tended to stay fairly quiet! We ended the night on the couch, cozied under blankets, a crackling fire, and "The Walking Dead". It was a wonderful low-key and lovely night!

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