Monday, October 5, 2015


On weekends Derek is on call, I like to have easy and hearty meals for him to eat in the few moments he is able to come home between cases and his pager going off. This past weekend, I made one of his favorite soups, along with some pumpkin muffins, while listening to General Conference on Saturday morning. I so enjoyed being busy in the kitchen, while hearing uplifting messages echoing in my kitchen and hearing the trees rustling outside from the open windows. This soup is traditionally made with heavy whipping cream, which is so decadent, but often too heavy on our stomachs. This version is lighter, not only by using half & half, but also by taking the time to remove the spicy sausage to drain (when you see the paper towel after it drains, you will want to faint). This is one of my favorites for the Fall/Winter season, and is a major crowd pleaser, especially with hungry missionaries. After a busy weekend, this soup was a welcome meal for Derek on Sunday evening served with some crusty bread & a muffin before crawling into a deep slumber.

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