Monday, December 22, 2014


 Every Christmas growing up, we would dedicate a day of our winter break to baking and decorating sugar cookies. It was probably our favorite day of the year, next to Christmas alone. Mom would whip up a batch of dough, and each of us would roll and cut out the shapes we wanted. As soon as they came out of the oven, we would slather the stars, trees, and bells in thick butter cream frosting and pounds of sprinkles. My Mom tells the story of my sister and I around the ages of three & four making cookies. She said the floor was crunchy with sprinkles and our faces covered in frosting. When my Dad came home from work that night, we ran to him, all sugared up and sticky. He said something witty about us tasting delicious and scooped us up in his arms. Lucky for me, I married into a family with a strong tradition of sugar cookie baking & decorating as well. Both Grandma Tatum (my Mom's mother) and Great Grandma Lila (Derek's mothers grandma) have an almost identical recipe for sugar cookies. It's just another way to have a taste of Christmas wherever we may be.

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