Friday, July 25, 2014


This long weekend in Oakley was packed with more than I can even think to write about. From midnight Scrabble games, to slip n' slide baseball, early morning sunrise runs, and all the rodeo events in town, we kept busy while celebrating both a family reunion and the famous Oakley Pioneer Days Celebration. Between the 4 nights of rodeo events (including a demolition derby and gymkhana -- children's rodeo) we spent our days playing, eating, and enjoying time with family. We were lucky enough to finally find out the sex of Katie & Mark's baby, (it's a boy!) eat more cook shack hamburgers and fries then necessary, and watch the parade on Grandpa Smith's old gas station lot. On Saturday morning, my stamina and training were put to the test for my first 10K. I crossed the finish line to cheering family and Derek snapping away on the camera, and was so proud of myself! Although I couldn't walk without limping the next day, it was such an accomplishment.We finished the reunion and weekend out with a bang of spectacular fireworks and s'mores. This reunion goes down in the books as one of my favorites-- and a reminder of how much I love those muttin' bustin', rodeo riding, people in Idaho so much.


  1. Fun time and fun pics! Love family reunions!

    1. So fun! I LOVE Idaho! Especially in the summer! :)