Monday, February 17, 2014


This year for Valentines Day, we ditched the idea of going out and opted for a morning of home made cards at the kitchen table. For dinner that night, I made a favorite of bruchetta & chicken bellagio with Italian sodas, and with a big stack of Redbox movies afterwards we called it a night. The next morning I surprised Derek with sprinkled donuts, a favorite, and smoothies in bed. This year for Christmas, I gifted Derek Imagine Dragons concert tickets and after a long wait, it was finally our night to see them. The show was so much fun and the band definitely has a great time performing. I knew this would be an awesome gift for Derek because he was a total rock star while he was in undergrad and he hadn't ever been to a big arena concert. After the concert I had to steer Derek away from the big drums as best as I could, and he was just a little sad when the vendors weren't selling them after the show. Looks like I shouldn't be surpised if I come home to a drum session going on one day.