Monday, September 2, 2013


Labor Day Weekend is what most consider the end of summer. Luckily, we've always lived in cities where the end of summer isn't for a long while after that. I see quite a few more weekends at the beach, wearing shorts, and soaking up the rays in our future. But, for everyone else's sake, I guess we will just count this weekend as "the last of the summer". We've had a weekend of  bike rides along Mission Bay, wave riding, a trip to our favorite place, and BBQ eating. Now, if only we could convince the last of the tourists to skedaddle out. I'm ready to have my city back. 


  1. the good thing about summers last weekend- we both live in places where we won't have to see that white cold fluffy stuff come winter.

    1. I like snow...for like days I want to curl up and read a book and sip hot chocolate all day. And, I think a real season change with winter for about 6 weeks would be perfect.