Monday, June 17, 2013

Five Things {Graduation Edition}

{first scene pulling in from New Mexico & into the hot desert}
So we don't overload this blog with too many photos of Derek's medical school graduation {because I easily could}, here are our five favorite moments from the weekend. From the ceremony to floating the lazy river with pina coladas in hand, we sure enjoyed our last real visit to the state we spent so much of our  engaged & married life in. Man, oh man, Arizona is always going to be one of those places for me.
{before the ceremony, last time Derek would be a "student"}
{please see any of these fantastic doctors for your below the knee needs}
{the gang celebrating the big accomplishment}
{the doctoral hood; Derek also wore two cords for graduating Pi Delta with honors}


  1. What an amazing feeling for both of you! Congrats to you for getting through your hubbys grad school:) Im hoping to be taking these pictures in just a few months!

    1. Thank You! It was a great day. 4 long years of hard work finally paid off. The best part was hearing "Doctor Derek K. Smith". SURREAL. Congrats to you guys! You are even more of a super star being a Mom, pregnant & working full time. Amazing!