Monday, April 8, 2013

Home Again, Home Again

We both made it home safe & sound from our trips and decided that the upcoming General Conference weekend was the perfect way to spend a few days together after being apart. We had yummy breakfasts, read, walked along the lake & laughed at the tiny baby geese that scurried around on the lawn outside our house. It was a wonderful reminder of how much fun it is to have a full weekend without really having to do anything.


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  2. You know, I love that you guys do so much to enjoy one another's company. I feel like Austin and I never really had that chance because we were instantly pregnant after getting married. Keep it up, you two! (Haha and do I sound like an old, matronly lady giving marriage advice?!?)

  3. the Pancakes look delicious }.}
    Wish you a beautiful day