Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Two People Diverge at the Airport......

.........wait, that's not right. But it is in this case. We are both leaving the cold weather and heading to opposite coasts for a couple days. Derek's off to Arizona for some last minute testing at the school before graduation and I'm going to hang out with Mickey and friends with my family. These shoes are going to be getting a lot of ground time this week walking me through Disney World--dorky socks & all. Let's just hope we can both bring the sunshine back with us, because, let's get real here Michigan. Last year the high for today was 83 degrees. Today it's 41. 


  1. so how dirty did those get at DW?!

    1. They are actually still white! I was surprised. But I also wore other shoes too. Also-- god bless magic erasers. They work wonders on shoes! And I got the leather ones hoping they would fair better then the canvas.