Friday, March 1, 2013

Five Things

/ morning rain before the snow storm /
March is always one of those months I can't quite put my finger on. There aren't any holidays- St. Patty's Day I guess- but green isn't my color, getting pinched isn't fun, and let's face it, Irish food isn't good. March was always that month living in Idaho where I knew Spring was right around the corner, and then it would snow buckets and buckets in one night, just taunting all of us who were hoping for grass and flowers. Last year, I was laying out by the pool during my spring break in March, by golly. Oh goodness, I guess we will see what Michigan has to offer up.
/ new glasses from the coca cola factory in Vegas even make drinking water fun /
/ colorful & printed denim just waiting to be worn /
/ prepping for monthly craft night /
/ graduation items on the to-do list almost make it fun /


  1. I love the denim! So cute!

    1. Thanks friend! Hoping to get a yellow & floral print soon. GAP is good at trying to steal my money!

  2. hey, i have the yellow floral! ;)