Friday, January 18, 2013

Five Things

 / circa 1920's beach cottage on the water /
Derek returned from residency interviews this week a little worn out and tired, but confident in his performance. He had a bit of a whirlwind of a morning when Dallas received snow, and on his way to the airport was rear ended. When he got out of the car, he quickly realized the individuals who hit him were running away. Five seconds later they were up on the overpass wall and jumped. They were caught, but it begs the question, why is breaking both legs better than paying for a car accident? He's home safe and sound, and we now have two full weeks before heading back to finish off his last few months in Michigan. With the weather there being cool and grey, we are scheduling activities that allow us to be in the CA sunshine as much as possible, with some relaxation on Derek's part as well. 
 / wind riders off the cliffs in La Jolla /
 / scenic downtown skyline /
 / a growing collection of sea stars on the window sill /
/ a visit to the temple /


  1. That is horrible! Why in the world would they run away? Did they just leave their car there??? So dumb! And by the way, it's not "cool and gray" here... it is COLD!!! Ha ha, I'm only checking the mail every other day so I don't have to be out in 20 degrees and wind or walk on the ice! : D

    1. I guess we will see what it's like when we move in! :) WOO!

  2. People are such idiots- really, you rear ended someone and then LEFT YOUR CAR to run? So smart.

    That picture of the temple is GORGEOUS. We really are itching to go!

    1. Seriously. Some people are nuts! We are assuming they were drug dealers or ON drugs. Makes for a great story though! Thanks. Love that temple. We try to go at least 1-2 times a month, but I'm sure having that sweet baby of yours makes it challenging! :)