Monday, December 10, 2012

Three Wishes: Derek

Just like every year, Derek is the hardest to shop for, although he likes to tell me I am. He is one of those guys who just buys things when he needs them throughout the year. The catch is he ONLY buys things he NEEDS, and it's usually a medical book, medical tool, or an electronic of some kind. Because of this, he is so hard to shop for, and especially surprise! This year, his typical National Geographic issue is on the list along with some new fuzzy Ugg slippers. The backpack is an extra since his was stolen when our car was broken into back in September. I can't wait to spend Christmas with Derek and celebrate him being done with his clerkships, and helping him study as much as possible before the boards & interviews the first few weeks of January. 


  1. Your car was broken into? Ug. So sad! Love the gift ideas- it is SO hard to shop for husbands!

    1. Yes! The day before he left DC to drive cross country to Denver, someone smashed in the passenger window and stole his backpack and rifled through his white coat. Luckily, his laptop, tablet and text books were not inside! All they got were his running shoes and our little digital camera. It was more a pain in the butt that he had to tape it up and then hurry to get it fixed in time to travel to Denver. But it all worked out!