Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rexburg Surprise

 Before Hurricane Sandy rolled in, Derek planned to visit a residency program in Pittsburgh.  I decided that if he was going to be out of town, I should drive up and surprise my sister in Rexburg! After checking our e-mails every hour and finally realizing that his flight was canceled, we decided that just because Derek's trip was canceled, mine didn't have to be. My friend Courtney lives up there as well and she was the master-mind in planning the surprise. She told Rachel she would pick her up to have her babysit, and when she got in the car, I was there! It was so funny to see the look on her face! We went to lunch and just hung out. I got a tour of the campus because it's totally unrecognizable to me and enjoyed the fall weather and leaves at the park. It was a very short trip, but well worth it to see both my sister and best friend! 


  1. ahh! i look awful :) it was fun to see ya

  2. How fun! It's crazy how different campus is looking. I love it and love that it is growing so much.

    1. Me too! It so so awesome that so many more students are going up there and it's growing in popularity as well! It's such a great place!