Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumped Up Kicks & Rummage My Closet

Let the record show that I wore wedges the other night to dinner. 
You guys, this is a big deal. I don't do wedges/heels/lethal weapon spikes. Okay, so that last one went a little to far...but I have seen some dangerous high rises in my day. Plus, I prefer to be flat footed so I'm the perfect height for Derek to kiss my forehead.
Off to see my man again today. So glad October is a 5-week month and we get some extra time with each other! We are spending time with the Smith clan in Park City for a few days for good food, shopping, and fun! 
P.S. My super fashionable & good friend Stephanie is having a closet sale. She has the most killer shoe collection I have ever seen, an eye for vintage clothes, and her 16 month old dresses better then some grownups I know. Even designer and name brand items on sale for great prices. Check her out here & buy something! I'm a happy customer & those baby Moccasins are mine. Just don't tell Derek.


  1. you're secret is safe with me! thanks friend!! have fun with the smithsters!! xoxo

    ps. that song has been in my head ever since i read the title, which is fine by me!

  2. Man, your missing out- I LOVE wedges! Yours are so cute too- love with the blue!