Monday, May 7, 2012

House Shoes

The day has come.
My poor feet finally gave out on me. My days of running around town in my cute, flat strappy sandals and coming home and not feeling it are over. Much to my avail, I have been "prescribed" house shoes & a strict nightly regimen by my cute future podiatrist husband. Thankfully, this pain isn't everyday, but teaching 12 hours on my feet means I come home to IB Profin & icing my feet. Oh, and wearing Crocs- which I SWORE I would never wear. Don't worry, these will never leave the house.....unless I am gardening. 


  1. That is so funny! I just kind of did the same thing- Dallin always tells me not to wear sandals because my feet hurt too -so I finally got a pair of really cute keens to run errands around in and chase after the little ones. Except I hate wearing shoes inside - so I have to get better at that.

    1. I know. Derek said I need to start wearing tennis shoes around town....bah. I don't want toooo!

  2. Well if anyone can rock the crock look, you can! Someone needs to invent some sweet flip flops that don't kill your feet! I would be an owner! For now tho, I just stick with whatever pair of shoes will go on my swollen feet!

  3. haha good. I was going to say "those better stay your HOUSE shoes" I definitely stay away from the strappy sandals, they are so painful! Hopefully you find a good medium! cute and comfy!