Sunday, March 11, 2012


Ever since meeting Derek almost 3 years ago, I have learned that March is one of his favorite months. He is a HUGE college basketball fan, and I can't complain. I have always enjoyed watching basketball, and it's probably because it's fast paced & actually a sport I understand! {Not a football fan here people. The yards just confuse the heck out of me...} Last year, we both filled out our brackets, and I am proud to say I kicked some butt! I have to hand it to Derek, his #1 team, Duke, lucked out at the final 4, and did anyone see the final 2 teams in the end?! Hoping my bracket and ESPN watching with Derek has put me in the lead again. Gotta hand it to our Blue Devils though...hoping they get to the top 8! 
Game on! 

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