Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Christmas List

Okay, okay. So I have been seeing lots of Christmas lists floating around blog land, and thought it was time to share my opinion.

Some, I find quite practical. For example, not to toot my own horn, but I asked for a vacuum, food storage, and a humidifier. Yep. You know you are an old married woman when those are your top three things you come up with for Christmas. I really, REALLY, had to think hard when Derek asked me what I would like. I find it quite comical when I see some Christmas list "ideas". Now, maybe I am being judgmental, but, are you for reals?! Do you really need a triple digit designer watch & bag? And, I know some of you are reading this thinking, "She is just jealous." Let me answer that for you, I'm not. I honestly believe that Christmas is a time to be with family, enjoy the Spirit you feel during the season, and cherishing and remembering the reason we celebrate. A few years ago, my Mom asked us around the Christmas Eve dinner table, "If you could have the music, the decorations, the feeling, the Spirit, and family time, or all the gifts, what would you choose?" The honest reactions of a then 21, 19, and 14 year old: "The Spirit, feeling, family, and music." So what do I really want for Christmas this year?

Time with my busy husband. A night on the couch snuggling. Visits with family and friends. Sitting in the house with all the lights off by the glow of the Christmas tree reading Luke II. Getting ready each morning listening to Christmas music. Watching "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever". Singing the Christmas hymns in Sacrament meeting.


  1. you know, i completely agree. gifts are nice, but being with family is so much better.

    plus in a few years...your DR. will be getting you those triple digit watches:):)


  2. I kind of feel the same way. I love giving gifts though. As I've gotten older I feel like the material gifts aren't the ones I really want, but i'd prefer an experience - tickets to a concert or something!

  3. i'm totally with you! i dislike the 'commercialism' of the christmas season.

    my mom called me last night to ask me what i wanted...i have NO freakin clue.
    i am content with what i have, but I guess maybe a new CHI straightener would be nice...haha!

    love you girl!

  4. Love your married lady gift list! I too love the family time spent at Christmas. I love the excitement of my kids and all the little traditions we have started. Those are the things we most look forward to. Well, maybe not if ya asked the kids. They would say the toys!

  5. I totally got a vacuum for Christmas last year and it was one of my fav gifts!!!!

  6. Somestimes it's the simple things!! Love your list!

  7. Awww, that's really sweet. I have to still admit I love gathering lists of things I want though.

    But it's okay if I don't get them.

  8. You are so great! I love that you're so practical. It's so sweet.

    And that picture at the bottom is SOOOO cute. Totally pinterest worthy.

  9. amen! lets sit and sing christmas hymns together. can't promise i'll be on key. love the picture! hope it's framed in the casa somewhere. xo