Saturday, November 6, 2010

Library Story

I finally had a FREE Saturday. No work. No trainings. A clean house, and a busy husband studying for finals all day.

I was so excited to finally get to the city Library.
I couldn't wait to come home with a stack of books and dive in.
When I got there, I was prepared with my drivers licence & proof of address.
The conversation between me and the librarian went something like this:
"Okay. Are you ready to pay the $15.00 fee for using the library?"
"Oh, I have a valid Glendale address, I thought I would get a free card."
"Oh no, it doesn't work like that. Although you live within Glendale city limits, have a Glendale mailing address, and pay bills/taxes to the city of Glendale, you are technically in the boundaries for Phoenix."
"So, what does that mean exactly?"
"Well, you can come to this library for the fee, or get free cards at these two locations...."
(looking down at list) "So, instead of driving 5 blocks to come to this library, I have to go 25 miles because I am just shy of 2 blocks of the boundaries."
So, I am boycotting the library for right now.
And yes, I will continue to read and re-read the same 5 books I own.


  1. Laaaaaaame. The library here in Nipomo is literally a quarter mile from my house and living this close is all my nerdy childhood fantasies come true. You should get someone to mail you a letter at a friend's address in Glendale proper and use that!

  2. Bummer Becca! I second what Crystal says... use a friend's address ;) but...your ID would have your other address...hmmm tricky. That's stupid. Can you fight it at all?